The study sampling promotion backpack beverage Technology The beverage industry is a branch of food technology and deals with the production of beverages , as well as with the chemical and biological processes that are necessary to do so. These processes are , for example, crushing of raw material, the heating or cooling or the alcoholic fermentation .

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 The first alcoholic drinks have been made ​​already many thousand years ago , today it is all about , to make the beverage production effective and environmentally friendly. Students who sampling promotion backpack beverage  specialize in this area , later work mostly in beverage manufacturers such as breweries, where they are primarily responsible for overseeing the beverage production and for the development of new products.
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They often work well in testing centers for foodstuffs or in various research institutes. After studying ( Food Technology ) High quality foods are extremely important in a modern society . Therefore, well-trained food technicians in the sampling promotion backpack beverage  labor market are in high demand .
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