GO TO YOUR CUSTOMERS AND GET THERE FROM WHERE YOU ARE : THE portable beverage backpack Just as fast food became Good Food, also the demands of consumers on to-go drinks have changed :

portablebeveragebackpack  portablebeverage backpack
portablebeveragebackpack        portablebeverage backpack

 enjoyment and mobility also form a new unit . has invented a vending machine that portable beverage backpack only on customer mixes healthy drinks and filled into bags . Unusual approach in the marketing of its products is the Badische winzerkeller (  ) , who opened the first winery outlet on a highway in September 2007. In the 400 square meter .

Wine , sparkling wines portable beverage backpack and spirits as well as regional  food specialties. Be addressed mainly by tourists as well as customers from neighboring . Also on the megatrend portable beverage backpack of mobility.
. Currently represented on five U.S. airports, the wine business portable beverage backpack shortens the traveling public , the time is buying a package with Wer , it gets delivered to your home . By the end of Vino Volo plans to open stores at 12 airports. 3 SPEAK SPECIFICALLY THE NEW gourmet indoor .

TO : WOMEN WANT PRECIOUS QUALITY PRODUCTS Until recently women were allowed to turn up to the right nose when special products "For You" were placed on the market .

portable beverage backpack  portable beveragebackpack
portable beverage backpack         portable beveragebackpack

By and large, hidden behind it only worse quality , but in pink. But still in pink portable beverage backpack and pastel , but at the highest level - but since women are among the pleasure - avant-garde , the producers must conquer the female bar - flys new.

Nuvo  is a refined champagne with vodka. The noble mix drink is sold in a bottle with perfume bottle look, on the also still under the . Even top winemakers Anthony  has " Women in their sights.

After the successful wellness beer "g group also Heineken now has developed a portable beverage backpack special Women Drink : Charli is a malzhaltiger Cider and will be officially launched in the summer of 2008 . 
beverage backpack

4.SEIEN YOU INITIATOR AND IDEA MAKER : DO NOT JUST MARKETING YOUR PRODUCT , BUT ALSO THEIR PHILOSOPHY Is becoming increasingly important as part of a successful brand communication and the emotional added value portable beverage backpack  of such a product or label. Consumers want mitkaufen not only the drink , but the same philosophy . Beverage manufacturers  mediated via "

Everyone iportable beverage backpack s called to anonymously do somebody some good. Other drinks manufacturers such as the wine press Walther run a weblog , they come in contact with their customers via the . It is not primarily about product marketing, but it is told from the everyday production , about the people behind the name , the philosophy behind the company