Events mobile promotion backpack (congresses, conferences, galas, ... ) are an important economic factor in a technical or emotional enrichment and social communication platform of professional life .

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In this case, however, large amounts of resources are used , causing emissions and thus affect our mobile promotion backpack  environment. But operators / inside of congresses and events are increasingly relying on climate change , regional value added and social acceptability. and cause traffic avalanche , and through increased energy efficiency , waste reduction and environmentally friendly arrival and departure of guests characterize .
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 Key aspects are also regional added value and social responsibility. The event thus receives a mobile promotion backpack positive image among the population , the guests and the sponsors. Ecolabel license are characterized by selective use of biological and regional cuisine , the responsible management of farms and healthy and high-quality food .

This is indulgence at its best , taking into account the aspect of good social conscience . As an ecologically oriented operating our Party Service takes responsibility for the environment very seriously and we strive to achieve in all areas of improvements to preserved for future generations a beautiful and healthy mobile promotion backpack environment.

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