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 distillery called, often distillery or distillery, used to produce strong alcoholic liquor made from weak alcohol precursors.

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 The concentration of alcohol is based on the principle of distillation, in this context, however, mobile beverage dispenser
 always spoke from the burning. As a distillery or mobile beverage dispenser  distillery is both the building, which houses the equipment used, also known as the   Most will not only be fired in a distillery, but it will be carried out all steps mobile beverage dispenser
 of spirits production.

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Whiskey is available under different trade names. It is named first, the different type of cereal was produced from the whiskey:  Denotes Malt Whiskey, which was produced exclusively from malt (malted barley).

 Denotes grain whiskey made from corn, wheat or barley unmalted (in Europe) or mobile beverage dispenser
 rye. This is mostly a "Coffey-Still" called column distillation plant uses.   Denotes Rye whiskey, which was predominantly made from rye (at least 51 per cent). 

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Denotes bourbon whiskey, which was produced mainly from corn (less than 51 percent) and was filled with up to 80 percent by volume of alcohol mobile beverage dispenser  and burned up to 63 percent by volume of alcohol in new ausgekohlte barrels.  Denotes Corn whiskey, which was produced mainly from corn (at least 80 per cent). Distinction on the production process [edit] Second, to clarify certain terms of the manufacturing process of each whiskey: 

Under a Single refers to a whiskey, mobile beverage dispenser  who comes from a single distillery (including customary for Scottish whiskey: Single Malt)-whiskey. Under a straight one also sees a whiskey, who comes from mobile beverage dispenser  a single distillery (common), especially for mobile beverage dispenser  American whiskeys.  Under a blend are an adulterated whiskey.

 Be) in the preparation (blending different whiskeys (for example, malt and grain) from different distilleries is mixed. In mobile beverage dispenser  some products will be up to 70 different whiskeys.  Under a Pure Pot Still we understand a whiskey Still only from malted barley and unmalted in traditional stills (pot) is distilled (primarily premium Irish whiskey).

There are also the names Vatted (mixture of malt whiskeys from different distilleries) or Pure common mobile beverage dispenser.