JetPacks Backpack The Single Barrel Beverage Dispenser will be a huge hit at any party! The thick clear tube holds of your favorite beverage. Tube is secured in a padded backpack bag with a handy waist pouch to carry cups for dispensing!

This Auction is for the backpack vending equipment only. These Jet Packs Backpack Vending Backpack systems deliver hot or cold beverages under pressure. Vendors can deliver coffee or any other pre-made drink.

See pictures for examples. Absolutely brilliant! Tried and Jet Packs Backpack proven over past 2 years. We have worked various sports fields and major events and festivals with great success.

jetpacks backpack  jet packs backpack   
jetpacks backpack         jet packs backpack

 You may have seen RocketPacks at the Olympic Games! Great for advertising promotions and fundraisers or just keep all the profits for yourself. Incredibly profitable.
Ideal for school fundraisers or raising money for that sports team-trip. Get a business owner in your club or organisation to buy this Rocketman Equipment and then pay them back JetPacks Backpack in just a few weeks. Included with system is the pressurising pump and cup dispenser.

jet packs back pack  jetpacks back pack
jet packs back pack         jetpacks back pack

How many JetPacks Backpack people at your sports club or ground every week? JetPacks Backpack People have used this gear to purchase a vendors Jet Packs Backpack concession at their local fair. Each system can deliver 35 x 275ml/8oz cups and stays hot for at least 3 hours.

Each pack can carry its own huge signage advertising your club, business or sponsor. Awesome promotional tool! There is no more profitable business than coffee and unlike a cafe you don't have to pay rent! Includes: RocketPacks Backpack, Stainless steel tank insert (11,5), pump, dispensing hose/gun, cup holder  JetPacks Backpack.

Jetpacks Backpack drink dispenser

Canpack Protected back pack consume dispenser transporting as much as 40* 500ml DOG containers or even 330ml containers • Caries as much as 40* containers or even containers • Protected to maintain beverages chilly for approximately 2 several hours • Inner light-weight detachable cartridge in order to help simple distribute •
associated with containers or even containers •

Comfy light-weight aluminum body with regard to owner back again • assistance • Completely flexible cushioned stylish as well as connectors • Optionally available mug dispensers could be installed possibly aspect • Videos upon connectors with regard to optionally available forward-facing Helping Sack •

60cm by 44cm scenery room with regard to personalisation The actual Canpack isn't unique in order to transporting simply containers as well as containers, it's shown to be flexible as well as already been effectively accustomed to function treats for example crisps as well as hotdogs within canister formed product packaging. *recommend as much as thirty with regard to person comfort and ease The gravity-fed back pack consume dispenser which stands up in order to 5 litres associated with chilly non-carbonated drinks distributed via a versatile hose pipe. Enhance the actual  using the Canpack in order to function mixers with regard to mood.

Jetpacks Backpack drink dispenser

With regard to optimum presence as well as publicity within low-light conditions for example night clubs as well as pubs, pick the Flashpack using its neon whitening strips about the attributes as well as connectors which include high-visibility pulsating red-colored BROUGHT lighting • Protected as well as detachable 5 litre plastic material drink container •

Versatile hose pipe as well as handy bring about set up • Videos upon connectors with regard to optionally available forward-facing Helping Sack • Optionally available mug dispensersm by  family portrait room with regard to personalisation.  To increase sales and brand attention, every one of the products may be used in conjunction with one another. All our products are lightweight and may be branded for maximum effect and when required we can also request Jetpacks staff to operate the gear..