If you wish, drink backpack we can provide you from A to Z according to your menu. So we can also get the drinks at meals , so that you this activity is taken in planning your event or special occasion .

drinkbackpack  drink back pack
drinkbackpack           drink back pack

 Depending on what type of beverage you wish , we will arrange for you. In addition to soft drinks, such as water or juices we also offer you to cola or soda drinks. In order to offer you also a large selection of alcoholic beverages , you drink backpack  can choose for example between beers or wines. These drinks a selection should be made in advance , as a large selection consists .

So you can choose among the beers between drink backpack  he well-known brands , but also from beer mixed drinks.

drinkback pack  drink backpack
drinkback pack            drink backpack

 To provide you with this quality with the drinks , are in our range and offer only drinks brands and manufacturers. Even with drinks , we value quality Depending on how you instruct us as event drink backpack  catering, we can provide various or all activities that occur in this area to take in the event or ceremony for you.

Already planning we can for you. So you can plan the event in other areas and address these relaxed later. Your preparations will be rewarded by a successful event. Our drink backpack  experience is also you can convince .


 Our wine list is also extensive. So you can choose from sweet to dry out red and white wines from different growing regions . Similarly, we can offer you different rose wines. But different types of liquor , we like drink backpack  to keep for you.

his is also drink backpack  known and celebrations like drunk mixed drinks can be produced. Do you prefer would prefer cocktails to be mixed on site, please let us know early .

Our catering service for drink backpack  any occasion the perfect drink As you are aware, we place great value on quality products . The only way we can provide our customers with an excellent quality that is consistent.