product Description This drink backpack man beverage dispenser boasts a rounded shape. Soon he will become the favorite because it provides keeps refrigerated or hot drinks for you and your visitors.

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Very handy to keep drink backpack man constant the temperature of water or other liquids. Externally, the beverage dispenser made ​​of stainless steel.
He has a pleasant, rounded handles and feet. beverage dispenser A beverage dispenser is a device for the direct removal and metering of fluids from a drinkable beverage storage .
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 Depending on the nature and type of the underlying mechanism varies for removal.

The most common beverage dispenser models operate , depending on the type of drink , with a pump or pressure drink backpack man mechanism via a nozzle device . The output is manually or via a semi-automatic or automatic device .
The capacity of each model as well as the housing types will vary depending on need and use pattern very strong, yet most have a dispenser made ​​of acrylic and stainless steel have been proven .

Use of beverage dispensers drink backpack man  In the public sector , such as stores or offices, the most popular types of beverage dispensers are the water dispenser .

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 Certain models make it possible to cool the drinks also a heating. In restaurants as well as the drink backpack man hospitality industry Drinks dispenser used. The cold drink make it particularly suited for the serving of non-carbonated beverages , such as fruit juices. Many dispenser types to work further with a stirring blade or a rotating impeller to avoid both foam formation and settling of solids at the bottom of the drinks cabinet .
drink backpack man Another subtype of a beverage dispenser is a bottle holder for alcoholic beverages , in which the beverage bottle "on the upside " is attached to a dosing unit .

drink backpack man

The dosage is variable and Liner project is suitable for the operation of a bar In the private sector thermos with pump function (piston pump) are mostly used for the extraction of hot drinks. drink backpack man cooling systems Conventional beverage dispenser control the cooling temperature of the beverage to be taken through a secure cooling system with the help of a so-called cooling coil.

These drink backpack man drinks cooling coil cools a swept drink on a certain fixed temperature value. Modern models use an external , electronic cooling element, which is mounted externally on the tank wall and the technology utilizes the Peltier effect .

Dispenser for chilled juice drinks usually have a refrigeration unit with circulation drink backpack man pump and thus be a manually adjustable beverage temperature . Professional equipment in the catering can also have a compressor cooling.

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