Mainly Colabackpack due to the ingredient phosphoric acid and sugar Coke is generally considered unhealthy. evaluate the consumption of nutritional physiology of sugar-Cola as harmful to health.

Whether one Colabackpack by excessive cola consumption on diabetes mellitus  and obesity [may be attacked  is debatable. Regular cola consumption may be due to the contained phosphoric acid and sugar, especially in children, damage the teeth Colabackpack and cause tooth decay. 

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Colabackpack can and cleaning of the teeth immediately after consumption of cola to be particularly harmful, since then the recently been attacked from the enamel of the tooth brush can be scraped off even further. 

 Normal orange or apple juice with 100 percent fruit content without additives has made a similarly high sugar c Colabackpack ontent such as cola, the fat in milk normalfetter even a much higher calorific value.

But this is rather an argument that children should be fruit juice or cola administered in large quantities, instead of consuming worry Cola, already one liter of beverage can cover the whole energy daily requirement for Colabackpack a child under 20 kilograms .

The caffeine content in cola drinks is typically lower than that of brewed coffee Colabackpack or black tea. However, there are exceptions like Jolt Cola, which is in Germany ml maximum caffeine content of 25 mg/100 achieved for example by Afri-Cola.

 According to Colabackpack an American study, Coke may be inhibited by the addition of phosphate contained the calcium intake and Colabackpack thus artificially induce osteoporosis especially in women.  An adverse role on the growth of bone may also occur, especially in adolescents.

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in Colabackpack the Phosphate plays organism an important role, above all, it is a basic building material of the information carrier DNA and RNA and the biological energy carrier adenosine diphosphate / adenosine triphosphate. A phosphate surplus could therefore potentially affect the body chemistry and it would all organs / cell types relate.

A new study at the University of Ioannina also claims that excessive cola consumption to potassium deficiency Colabackpack and thus to fatigue and muscle paralysis up can lead to heart rhythm disturbances. It is assumed that the potassium deficiency is caused by an interaction of the contents of Colabackpack glucose, fructose and caffeine.

One limitation Colabackpack of cola consumption while taking potassium supplements, however, usually leads to a rapid and complete recovery . As a home remedy for diarrhea Cola and sticks only limited use , rather Colabackpack  we should use boiled water with a teaspoon of salt and five teaspoons of glucose.  Myths The widespread opinion, cola causing injury to the stomach, is not true.


The Colabackpack phosphoric acid in cola is only sufficient to detach from, fibers of the meat, my stomach is not protected by mucous membranes and also situated there is significantly more acidic than Colabackpack stomach acid, phosphoric acid . The consumption of cola with chewy candy is essentially harmless.

Are you compress this, there will be a violent reaction, which could release large amounts of carbon dioxide. A hazard of the body can not therefore be ruled out entirely when consuming, s are not known Colabackpack.