A bottled drinks dispensing backpacks  completely new member of the Family

bottled drinks dispensing backpacks   bottled drinksdispensing backpacks
bottled drinks dispensing backpacks    bottled drinksdispensing backpacks   

The newly developed hydration bottled drinks dispensing backpack  is the only mobile  tank system with integrated By serving around the tank insulated hydration pack perfectly suited to all coffee products, hot wine and other hot drinks. Of course, suitable for all non-carbonated cold drinks. 

Carrying the Backpack specialists 19 liter stainless steel Leichtbehälter in  Case bottled drinks dispensing backpack coated with foamed  Ensures the best insulation value and mechanical protection  Quick bottled drinks dispensing backpack remove the device without the tank swap  Rapid pouring through integrated battery compressor.

As the filter medium in the gas cap  dispensing valve for easy dispensing  Advertising space provides great attention bottled drinks dispensing backpack* Light and easy to use and clean bottled drinks dispensing backpack.

bottleddrinks dispensing backpacks  bottled drinks dispensingbackpacks

bottleddrinks dispensing backpacks    bottled drinks dispensingbackpacks

. bottled drinks dispensing backpack He is the only portable tank serving system with integrated high bottled drinks dispensing backpack  performance compressor. Both stainless steel containers are airtight fit in  shells. This guarantees the best insulation bottled drinks dispensing backpack values and minimum temperature loss.

From a combination of two drinks for every taste. A tank of coffee, the second with hot milk with foamed milk or vanilla flavor from the pocket and completed service is the mobile coffee shop. Children of alcoholic mulled wine and punch, double tap potential customers.

drinks dispensing backpacks

Eistea or juices in two different flavors - which is also free carbonated beverages are bottled drinks dispensing backpack always the right choice. System, bottled drinks dispensing backpack a high-carry system developed and produced by specialists arranged Carbon Backpack - Rods derive a large part of the weight in the specially shaped lap.

 Low weight load in the shoulder areas ensures fatigue-wearing comfort. bottled drinks dispensing backpack height settings, adjustable straps as well as distance preferences in the hip and chest area to ensure optimal fit, individually tailored to the wearer bottled drinks dispensing backpack.