Bottle Dispensing Backpack. Great condition, perfect for tailgate parties, crowds, gatherings, etc. Just fill the pressurized tank with 5 gal of liquid, beer, booze or other refreshments and pump up - the liquid dispenses from hand held hose to cups that are dispensed out of side compartment Bottle Dispensing Backpack.

bottle-dispensing-backpack   bottle dispensing backpack
bottle dispensing backpack        bottle dispensingbackpack

Whether bottle dispensing backapck cold or boiling hot, with or without carbon dioxide, with the beer pack of beer and wine, soft drinks, juice / water, coffee, mulled wine coming, hot drinks of all kinds, and more directly to your customers, not vice versa.  The barrels, with the brewery can be operated as a beer backpack  Or, bottle dispensing backapckto be easily filled even.

Bottle Dispensing Backpacks

est insulation ensures the best beverage temperatures.  Special for carrying system of the highest comfort.  bottle dispensing backapck  Built-in cup dispenser  Large flexibly designed ad space Quick barrel change  Easy to bottle dispensing backapck clean Conclusion: Hot or cold, with or without carbon dioxide - the professional serving the ultimate device for any application.

bottledispensing backpack   bottlle backpack
bottledispensing backpack        bottle backpack

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dispensing backpack

On the new Proven combined with numerous new developments. The body of bottle dispensing backapck light weight combined with optimum insulation properties. It looks like Styrofoam, but is expanded polypropylene - absolutely unbreakable, wear resistant and highly insulating. Provides bottle dispensing backapck space and protection for beverage containers, cups stock and the CO supply. bottle dispensing backapck Beverage container with a diameter of 240 mm and a volume of 9 to 20 liters of fit in the Classic.

Finish delivered by bottle dispensing backapck their beverage supplier or a simple self-filling. Fast Fasswechseln included: lid off to - cables - new barrel plug. Saves time and is money.