After the beverage man backpack brew is cooled to about 8 ° C., and at the same time with sterile oxygen. This t the yeast that is added later, propagation base. If the oxygen is used up, the young and vigorous yeast begins to transform to the resulting in the brewhouse sugar into alcohol and carbonic acid. After one week, this process has so far concluded that the young beer is pumped with a very low residual sugar content in closed containers .

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    Storage: In the so-called storage tanks the yeast ferments still slowly , with the difference that these tanks are closed. This has the consequence that the resulting carbon dioxide can not now escape , and thus a beverage man backpack pressure builds up .

Depending on the type of beer the brewer decides how much carbon dioxide in the beer should be - ie The desired pressure is reached, the excess is blown off via an excess pressure valve . If this process is completed after about 4 weeks, the naturally occurring carbon dioxide is bound by cooling at 1 ° C and thus remains in the beer .

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Now the beer is ready to drink. Since beer is a food and is now exported all over the world , still follows the filtration in most breweries. Filtration means nothing else than the removal of many healthy ingredients from the beer (eg, protein, vitamins ... ) . Of beverage man backpack course, a big part of health remains despite the contained , but the beer loses its naturalness ! Last but the beer comes after as much intricateness into the bottle.


 Alcohol Free - How to get out the alcohol from the beer

Like any other beer is also brewed alcohol-free according to the German purity law : from hops , malt, yeast and water. During the brewing process , these raw materials are fermented , and it forms a beverage man backpack  natural way alcohol. To reduce this alcohol content as far as possible , the brewers have developed two different methods : either the formation of alcohol during the fermentation process is contained or the alcohol is the beer withdrawn after completion of the brewing process .

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A tiny residual alcohol remains to round off the flavor in the alcohol-free beer.
After legal provisos a drink may be referred to as " alcohol-free" if the alcohol content does not exceed 0.5 percent. Even fruit juices are allowed by beverage man this specification contain traces of alcohol. However, you must be so low that they have no detectable influence on the consumer , not to any particularly sensitive beverage man backpack  people like the sick or children. For beers with less than 0.5 percent by volume that is scientifically proven and most brands are well below this value.

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