Beerbackpack would not take much  and you could say:  aka desateur scored already in the beer bottle. Nevertheless: In his early teenage years his coolers belonged to any party - which he grabs him if need be ever in the suitcase and take with the train Beerbackpack compartment.

beer backpack  beerback pack
beer backpack              beerback pack

 Spoiled Beerbackpack  by the famous Black Forest beer with the pine cones girls parade led by educational level at the northwest a sensory Culture Shock:
Why is there for drunk soda water, which is only visible on the label as an Beerbackpack alleged beer to pay good money, simply could not understand. So it was not long before had rededicated in October , a Einmachtopf to the brew kettle, and for two students used the kitchen brewhouse. Not to have  Beerbackpackbeen entirely innocent because some Internet portal:

I've Beerbackpack always found the idea appealing and have the page in the forum here and received the support necessary to implement this idea into reality. Out came the first try Beerbackpack 20 liters Märzen - from beginners to very high burden for the bottom-fermented brewing  deterred at no time did I get up fermentation, he says, and it shows immediately. For what he and his girlfriend, who also raves about not only the outcome, but also actively assists in the proBeerbackpack duction,

beer back pack  beerbackpack
beer back pack         beerbackpack

after a few attempts gives the glass, makes many a professional product Beerbackpack that not only looks visually old. It came, as always in such cases is: Soon there were more and more enthusiasts who wanted to now return all premium Beerbackpack beers back on television, and the output of 20 liters had himself no longer satisfied with his eyebrows daily demand. It was not long Beerbackpack shallying:

The Einkochtopf was too small, Beerbackpack so I've swapped within two weeks in the class hectoliters. With the new plant can now brew depending on the thickness from 90 to 100 liters.

Pride is on the contribution : Most Beerbackpack of it is assembled by hand and not bought ready. And, although the sourcing of components designed sometimes difficult. Would he Beerbackpack do anything differently today? I would immediately begin fermentation in the cask. I think the bottle fermentation cumbersome and annoying.


I had Beerbackpack real problems with the retrofit bracket locks that should be attached to normal bottles. I particularly regret this purchase. All in all, however, the young Brewers today's satisfied with his equipment:

Allen, who also entertain the idea to the Selberbrauen, I can only recommend to try it! For, not only with the taste of Hausbräus his girlfriend and he was happy: My Brauanlage connects people Beerbackpack!