The beer keg backpack beverage bar is quickly ready for use and packed again .
With the agile beverage station you are fast and beerkeg confortable at the desired location .
The equipment is easily compiled according to your wishes or retrofitted if necessary.

beer keg backpack  beer keg back pack
beer keg backpack          beer keg back pack

With the cafe - snack They provide their guests without staff. Especially suitable beer keg backpack  for exhibitions and presentations to which you want to offer your audience refreshments and snacks without beerkeg constant staff retention .
You can literally take , where you can start with this Kompettsystem immediately and are best equipped in the world of mobile catering .
Our systems are mature and developed in beer keg backpack  detail for daily and professional use.
The equipment can be flexibly adapted to your needs , including retrofits . HERE HAS EVERYTHING !

beer kegbackpack  beerkegbackpack
beer kegbackpack             beerkegbackpack
The Bratstand is ready to use and is similar in texture and features the beer keg backpack  requirements and constraints of mobile catering .

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They are lbeer keg backpack  ocation bound to the mobile beerkeg and get to your destination quickly . The fits with its dimensions by an ordinary door , in the above , the roof is lowered.

Mobile Gastro systems can be used as extra offer at the Gastrobetrieb expand your business (for example outdoors) and thus increase customer beer keg backpack  loyalty.

beer keg backpack

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