Beer Bapkpack then, almost as if it was no Internet, brought a friend one day the famous  Hotte This was at once the crucial nerve. We've got yourself handicrafts: A beer-spindle, polystyrene foam sheathing to keep the pegs Einmachtopf Grandma , 
Beer Backpack napkins to Purify to chair legs stretched at the beginning ... was not Beer Backpack always all about simplicity, without internet access, and manual.

beer backpack  beerbackpack
beer backpack                    beerbackpack

That Beer Backpack was over ten years ago - . Can I say about "the brewery Beer Backpack for two millennia?" Lack of practical experience and intuition went from the first twenty liters down the drain, however, more than their throats. For the result was disappointing. However, it was brewed from the outset with an Olympic attitude:

There were two Beer Backpack possibilities: Either it tastes, and we continue, or it does not taste good and then we can not let that sit on us. In this kind of sport it was not long, and the beer increasingly managed better.

So Beer Backpack why not one day decided "the new facility," but existing continuously upgraded: piece by piece every now and then is what has changed, and Hotte also Beer Backpack recommends upgrading to imitate: Just always comfortable if's a overwhelmed! One more thing "overwhelmed" Hotte, when he already had recorded a few years the brewery:

 longer stay in the U.S. occupationally induced.

beerback pack  beer back pack
beerback pack        beer back pack

He quickly found there, following the Beer Backpack very active and diverse Hobbybrauer scene and was even now a member of a local Brauklubs. Many ideas for simple and practical Braugeräte he brought to his return home, Beer Backpack and adapted them for his personal equipment:
The mix of accessories, which partly is more common in the U.S. (magnetic stirrer, cooler) or, makes My system is unique. Today, after having recently bought a second Brautopf, brews 40 liters Beer Backpack at a cozy 


Beer Backpack just because we can so easily brew good beer, he would assemble the system just as always. Another reason is certainly the most convenient placement of many components in practical camping boxes.

So everything is ready for a few simple steps and after the brewing quickly neatly Beer Backpack stowed.