Backpack Drink Dispenser

 5 - 11- 15- 19- 23 Liter Capacity

is one of the most powerful and effective ways in which to build, maintain and distinguish your brand. Vending Rocketpacks Backpacks that maximizes every part of mobile food vending and gives your customers the ultimate in wow factor.
 backpack drink dispenser
 beer tower
 backpack drinkdispenser
The Vending backpack can be used for hot or cold food and Drinks! It will hold up to 16 kg The Vending Backpack can be transformed into a unit capable of up to 2 different varieties 50 trays of cans or bottles of any beverage. The cartridge is incredibly easy to refill/stack. The cartridge fits up to 700ml can or bottle so the drink combination can be suited to your customers’ needs.

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The can or bottle drops into the pocket each time. The vendor pulls the product from its pocket and it automatically self replenishes until empty. This Vending Backpack system is an extremely efficient method of serving large numbers very, very quickly. With these two options, we are confident and we can meet any mobile drink and food dispensing request.

This  is for the backpack vending equipment only. These Germany Made Rocketpacks Vending Backpack systems deliver hot or cold beverages under pressure. Vendors can deliver coffee or any other pre-made drink. See pictures for examples. Absolutely brilliant!

  Tried and proven over past 2 years. We have worked various sports fields and major events and festivals with great success. You may have seen Rocketpacks at the Olympic Games! Great for advertising promotions and fundraisers or just keep all the profits for yourself. Incredibly profitable. Ideal for school fundraisers or raising money for that sports team-trip.

Get a business owner in your club or organisation to buy this Backpack Equipment and then pay them back in just a few weeks. Included with system is the pressurising pump and cup dispenser. How many people at your sports club or ground every week? People have used this gear to purchase a vendors concession at their local fair. Each system can deliver  anywhere in the world  within 5 days! I can't speak highly enough of the gear or its potential. It has been tried and proven for over 20 years.

Each pack can carry its own huge signage advertising your club, business or sponsor. Awesome promotional tool! 24 month manufacturers warranty.  Backpack dispensing equipment so will be no problem at all with Health/Council Authorities. Customers absolutely love this and you'll love the money it makes! .

This is normally equivalent to your local  There is no more profitable business than coffee and unlike a cafe you don't have to pay rent! Includes: Rocketpacks Backpack Drink Dispenser , Stainless steel tank insert pump, dispensing hose/gun, cup holder.

Rocketpacks Backpack Drink Dispenser